Art book reviews

There is a second, not-so-secret purpose for A New Dictionary of Art, though. As Professor Derek Matravers points out in the book’s foreword this is more of a collection, a list, than a ‘proper’ dictionary and in its self-reflexivity means that it becomes a work of art that sits alongside the work of Georges Perec, Sharon Kivland, or Kenneth Goldsmith.*** Good has worked hard with his collaborators (and it’s a beautiful little book which I urge you to buy) to produce something that is simultaneously essential and useless, which seems to be as good a definition of art as any.

It’s 85 degrees out right now, but we might as well admit it’s not summer any more. All of which is to say, it’s time to get back to work. As such, we’ll be resuming limited posting next week. By that I mean you can expect the blog to be updated about once a week with reviews and opinion posts by yours truly, along with any announcements of events we’re launching. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I’m continuing to work on a few projects we’ll be announcing soon. I can’t wait for that!

Art book reviews

art book reviews


art book reviewsart book reviewsart book reviewsart book reviews