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For decades, Brown has been active in efforts to resist measures toward the privatization of the University of California system. [52] In her capacity as co-chair of the Berkeley Faculty Association, she raised awareness, organized marches, and spoke publicly about the privatization of public education. [53] She has been critical of the university's decision to cut costs by utilizing lecturers rather than hiring tenure and tenure track professors. [54] Relatedly, she has voiced concern over the perils of the UC's proposed online education programs. [55] [56]

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Candidates who lack sufficient preparation in the social sciences, but whose academic record justifies consideration for eventual admission to the master's graduate program, must register for a qualifying year during which they are required to take courses to broaden their knowledge of sociology. Candidates must achieve a final grade of at least a B in these courses and an average in all courses of at least B+; in general, they must, in the opinion of the Department, have achieved sufficient preparation in the subject matter of sociology before they will be allowed to proceed with graduate work. All candidates are expected to have taken courses in statistics, research methods, and sociological theory at the undergraduate level.

Brown university thesis latex

brown university thesis latex


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