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The idea for the joint textbook of historical narratives grew out of the knowledge that in periods of intractable conflicts, nations tend to teach their children their own narratives (often through the vehicle of textbooks) as the only correct one, while completely ignoring their enemy's narratives. If they do include the enemy narrative, it is always presented as being wrong and unjustifiable. These textbooks, which also include [nation-legitimized knowledge, convince children that there is a necessity to continue to dehumanize the enemy, and this leads to the development of negative attitudes and values toward the other. This state of affairs is very clear in the Palestinian-Israeli situation and has been studied in the joint research of Palestinian and Israeli history textbooks undertaken by Firer (an Israeli) & Adwan (a Palestinian).[19]

Recent theory on civil wars urges people to think of the conflict as a highly fluid situation.[13] Peacemaking efforts are often closely intertwined with preventive diplomacy , peacekeeping , and peacebuilding .[14] Because of this, the diplomats and soldiers involved in these missions must maintain high levels of communication in order to ensure common goals and shared information. Peacemaking in the post-Cold War era occurs most often within states where battles lines are not clearly drawn and the strategic situation fluctuates frequently. Peacemaking in this context is but one tool to use in violent conflicts. By itself, it is insufficient to deal with intractable conflicts.

During my gender transition, I rediscovered my faith in God. That journey has led me to the point where I am a candidate for ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I am attending Luther Seminary through a distance learning program which will eventually allow me to earn a master of divinity degree. My next goal is to be ordained as a Lutheran pastor. I am so fortunate that my family and friends have embraced the strong, confident transgender Latina I am today. I live a life full of promise and love. That is all anyone can hope for.

Colorado boulder essay help

colorado boulder essay help


colorado boulder essay helpcolorado boulder essay helpcolorado boulder essay helpcolorado boulder essay help