Essay on cultural activities in india

In the society during past ages, girls and women in the society were faced with several problems due to the cultural beliefs that existed. According to research, many girls and women were used as sexual objects by the professionals, who instead of doing their jobs, violated the rules and regulations governing their work and professional sexual ethical standards. This lowered the dignity of women in the society, which has changed with time as the girls and women are now learned and are aware of their rights in the society. Education has helped improve their living standards and reduce the oppression they are facing in their homes, from the professionals and in the society. Different experiences in human affects how the body works, for instance anatomical changes in nerve cells is influenced by training, changes in electrical activity of brain is influenced by presence of visual stimulus and changes in hormone are influenced by the presence of a male in the presence of a female.

I teach classes and seminars alongside author and editor Nisi Shawl on Writing the Other , and the foundation of our work is that authors should create characters from many different races, cultures, class backgrounds, physical abilities, and genders, even if — especially if — these don't match their own. We are not alone in this. You won't find many people advising authors to only create characters similar to themselves. You will find many who say: Don't write characters from minority or marginalized identities if you are not going to put in the hard work to do it well and avoid cultural appropriation and other harmful outcomes. These are different messages. But writers often see or hear the latter and imagine that it means the former. And editorials like Niedzviecki's don't help the matter.

Essay on cultural activities in india

essay on cultural activities in india


essay on cultural activities in indiaessay on cultural activities in indiaessay on cultural activities in indiaessay on cultural activities in india