Essay on the godfather movie

The sequence of events would be based on one single concept building a family business enterprise and taking down anyone and anything that stands in their way. There were several types of action shots leading up to zooming into the reaction shot of when the victim realizes that they will be taken there last breath. The ability and talent to write and produce such scripture of the life story of an American family, up till then we were only able to imagine the reality of what was captured on film. A true accounting of how a father of one small family will become a leader and ruler of the Italian underworld. Related posts:

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Time and two more pictures would highlight the despair and nihilism in The Godfather with its burden of sins accruing beyond redemption. The 1974 sequel, The Godfather, Part II (which took six Oscars including the only one for Best Picture ever awarded to a sequel) is arguably even more compelling in its elaboration of power's corruption into complete moral decay. 1990's flawed Part III sees Michael get his with Shakespearean finality, Heaven finding a way to kill his only joy. The Godfather continues to entice and entrance, however, for its emphatically mythic exploration of family, be it one cursed in blood and ambition.

Essay on the godfather movie

essay on the godfather movie


essay on the godfather movieessay on the godfather movieessay on the godfather movieessay on the godfather movie