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Most Yangtze River cruises pass through the famous Three Gorges area, situated between Chongqing in the west, and between Yichang and Wuhan in the East. The major means of transportation along the River is by boat. Travelers can begin the trip at either end, west of the Three Gorges area in Chongqing, east of the Three Gorges area in either Yichang or Wuhan, or even as far east as Shanghai, where the Yangtze River empties into the East China Sea.

The Yangtze River cruise ships usually offer 3-5 day package tours along the Three Gorges (up to 9 days if cruising all the way to Shanghai). The boats not only provide guests with standard rooms and services, but also offer culinary delights and various forms of entertainment. These ships stop at the most popular attractions, allowing passengers to disembark for shore excursions along the way, accompanied by English speaking guides.

Chongqing, Wuhan and Shanghai all have major airports with flight connections throughout China. Yichang has an airport with limited flight connections; it is sometimes necessary to fly into Wuhan and drive to Yichang, a drive of about 4 hours.

Cruise Ships:
China Regal Cruises ships are some of the most state of the art on the river. With their advanced navigation equipment and environmental controls, these German built ships offer the highest level of comfort and safety. Other amenities include:

Essays on medicine river

essays on medicine river


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