Foods essay

About mya, Africa underwent climate change,  resulting in the changing of hominin habitats from more closed and wet to more open and arid, which led to an increase in the prevalence of tougher foods, such as roots and tubers.  It is around this time that the robust australopiths ( Paranthropus ) and early Homo appear on the landscape.  This is also about the time that the first stone choppers (a stone, often roughly spherical, from which several large flakes have been broken to produce a sharp edge or point) are found in Ethiopia and Tanzania.  There is no definitive evidence that links either Paranthropus or early Homo to the manufacture of stone tools.   However, many scientists support a link between stone tools and early Homo rather than Paranthropus due to the relatively larger brain of the former.  H. rudolfensis had a relatively large brain combined with very large teeth, making it uniquely suited to handle these new climactic challenges.

A thousand minutes later, I get to the cashier. She is 95 percent beautiful. "Have you brought your reusable bags?" Fuck. No, they are at home with their 2 dozen once-used friends. She rings up my meat, alcohol, gluten and a wrapper from the chocolate bar I ate in line, with thinly veiled alarm. She scans my ladies acidophilus, gives me a pitying frown and whispers, "Ya know, if you wanna get rid of your Candida, you should stop feeding it." She rings me up for $313. I resist the urge to unwrap and swallow whole another $6 truffle in protest. Barely. Instead, I reach for my wallet, flash her a quiet smile and say, "Namaste."

Foods essay

foods essay


foods essayfoods essayfoods essayfoods essay