Habit 1 be proactive essay

This habit deals with teamwork and opening yourself emotionally to work with other people. Optimistic, emotionally-charged individuals who are living out the previous habits can work together in amazing ways and see new paths none of them would have found alone. To synergize means to value differences or disagreements within a group. Instead of looking at the difference negatively, one can view this as beneficial and seek to understand why the difference exists. In coming to understand the difference or disagreement, and thinking with a win/win attitude, a "third alternative" may appear. A "third alternative" is one which neither party could have come up with alone but instead is generated out of understanding differences and seeking to reach a win/win solution. This synergy is a bit chaotic but is also fun and stimulating. When you use synergy you are also improving your spiritual, emotional and social side of your life.

It is a mistake to wait for people to come to you with questions or comments about scope. It is the project manager's job to align stakeholders with the project scope, and vice versa. If this is accomplished early, it is likely that future changes or risk events can be managed with the resources at hand. If people and scope are not aligned – if assumptions are not validated, expectations not defined, constraints not communicated, or requirements not documented - then the project is vulnerable to an all too common risk element: weak project management.

Habit 1 be proactive essay

habit 1 be proactive essay


habit 1 be proactive essayhabit 1 be proactive essayhabit 1 be proactive essayhabit 1 be proactive essay