Joyas voladoras brian doyle essay

Brian Doyle's Joyas Voladoras first appeared in The American Scholar in 2004 and was later selected for Best American Essays in 2005. Doyle’s intended audience is the general population, though his writing style attracts both the logical reader and the hopeless romantics who seek metaphors pointing to love in any way. The beginning of the essay provides insight to general information about the hummingbird, which holds the smallest, capable, and fragile heart in the world. He then explains the significance of the blue whale’s heart with comparisons, indicating that the blue whale holds a heart the size of a room. He ends his essay by expressing that a human’s heart is always closed due to the fear of it breaking, remaining constantly fragile. In order to prove his point further, he also states that even if a heart defends itself with barriers, those barriers will always break due to the smallest of emotional triggers. Therefore, Doyle succeeds at evoking intense emotions from his audience due to a brilliant rhetorical strategy involving a pathetic appeal approach, emphasizing on the reality of the human heart and the pain of love. His skillful use of metaphors, facts, contrast, and poetic stylized writing methods assist him in successfully inspiring his audience to realize that the heart is more than just an organ.
Joyas Voladoras was written with a few target groups in mind: the logical individuals who are interested in the explanation of how, why, and to what end the heart functions, and the hopeless romantics who look for any semblance of love in a text. To successfully capture his target audience’s attention, as well as the attention of other readers outside of his target audience, Doyle exhibits an understanding of using met...

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...ow much information he discloses to his audience without overburdening them, by including an underlying message that is hidden within the metaphors and facts; comparing the size of the different hearts with familiar objects and therefore making them perceivable; and using his distinct poetic style and tone to evoke emotion from his audience. By emphasizing the factual and emotional evocative nature of his rhetoric strategy, and presenting it in a personal and eloquent manner, he seems to be able to successfully connect with his audience. Ultimately, the overall tone of the essay entices his readers to think and feel deeply along with the text, adding to its many noteworthy qualities.

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Joyas voladoras brian doyle essay

joyas voladoras brian doyle essay


joyas voladoras brian doyle essayjoyas voladoras brian doyle essayjoyas voladoras brian doyle essayjoyas voladoras brian doyle essay