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The Flies was first produced in Paris in the summer of 1943. [4] The production ran at the Théâtre de la Cité. [9] Sartre had to get German censors to approve the play, because Paris was occupied by the German army. [9] A sculptor was employed to create "great blocks of stone", as well as settings, masks, and statues; large numbers of extras were also used. [10] During one of the rehearsals, a young man came up to Sartre and introduced himself; it turned out to be Albert Camus. [11] The production was poorly attended and got a lukewarm reception from critics. [2] Simone de Beauvoir's assessment of the play's effectiveness and reception was as follows: "It was impossible to mistake the play's implications; the word Liberty, dropped from Orestes' mouth, burst on us like a bomb. The German critic of Pariser Zeitung saw this very clearly, and said so, though at the same time taking the credit for giving the play a favorable notice. Michel Leiris praised The Flies in a clandestine edition of Les Lettres francaises , and emphasized its political significance. Most reviewers pretended not to have noticed any such allusion; they pitched into the play viciously, but, so they alleged, on purely literary grounds . . " [11]

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• un résumé des Mains sales
• une analyse du contexte
• une présentation des axes d'analyse des Mains sales de Jean-Paul Sartre

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Les mains sales essays

les mains sales essays


les mains sales essaysles mains sales essaysles mains sales essaysles mains sales essays