Masters of divinity thesis

That is why for these centuries, the Doctor of Divinity Degree long ago, was ascribed the very highest Earthly title that could be awarded by an educational institution, and that it be given to those who diligently study to "show themselves approved unto God, as workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing His Word of truth!"

For the Doctor of Divinity to be considered the "Highest Degree of all fields - of all times" - was fine, with even the very greatest scientists; from Sir Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, and the greatest of Mathematicians from Descartes to Pascal, and the greatest of Philosophers from Immanuel Kant to Edmund Burke, . .

. . and the greatest Economists from Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill, and the greatest of Military Generals from Napoleon to George Washington, and the greatest Statesmen and Authors from William Shakespeare to the Greatest Artists like Rembrandt: and all the kings or all the countries!

The Old Testament Department acquaints students with the content and teaching of the Old Testament Scriptures and introduces them to the tools they need for a lifetime of effective independent study of these Scriptures. Attention is given to problems of Old Testament history and criticism; the value of the Old Testament for preaching and for understanding the New Testament is stressed. Students are also introduced to the historical and cultural backgrounds of biblical literature, provided an understanding of ancient Near Eastern cultures, and shown support for the biblical record of the history of the Jewish nation in its interrelationship with the peoples of the ancient world.

Masters of divinity thesis

masters of divinity thesis


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