Pros and cons of drug legalization essay

Of primary concern, however, is how little 12-step groups appear to be beneficial to people suffering from mental illness. This is worrisome because 37 percent of alcoholics and 53 percent of drug addicts struggle with at least one serious mental health disorder, per the National Center for Biotechnology Information . The best approach for those suffering from co-occurring conditions is to seek help from a program that addresses both conditions – the mental health issue and the substance abuse or addiction – simultaneously . Many of these programs may incorporate a 12-step approach to care.

If you have been arrested and are facing jail and addiction detox behind bars, you may be interested in your alternative options. If you have made a definite plan and taken action to seek out and begin rehab treatment, the judge that oversees your case might take a more lenient approach. You may be able to attend rehab instead of jail. Rehab may also help you reduce your jail time, get custody of your children back and provide the evidence you need that you have made life changes. Each court and situation is different, however, and it is important that you contact your legal representative for advice about your best course of action.

Even when drugs companies do report honestly, safety testing occurs in only the healthiest population, with certain groups of people who might be more sensitive to reactions excluded. Individuals who might be more likely to suffer adverse reactions, such as those with any type of allergy, chronic illness , or any type of inflammatory disorder, would not be included when these medications are tested. Children and pregnant women are almost always barred from clinical safety testing. Lack of safety testing does not, however, preclude doctors from prescribing approved medications to these vulnerable groups.

Pros and cons of drug legalization essay

pros and cons of drug legalization essay


pros and cons of drug legalization essaypros and cons of drug legalization essaypros and cons of drug legalization essaypros and cons of drug legalization essay