Purdue me thesis format

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As department thesis format advisor, I have to sign the Thesis Acceptance Form (Form 9)i, which with the Research Integrity and Copyright Disclaimer Form (Form 20) must be submitted with the thesis. If the examining committee wants the title of the thesis to be changed, try to get a Form 9 with the new title before the committee members sign the form. Any other Graduate School thesis-related forms that you need . ETD Form 9) you should get directly from http:/// so you have the latest version. When you prepare such forms, please check carefully that everything is complete and correct. ELECTRONIC DEPOSIT The Graduate School requires electronic submission. Neither the Graduate School nor the department requires a printed copy of the thesis.

Purdue me thesis format

purdue me thesis format


purdue me thesis formatpurdue me thesis formatpurdue me thesis formatpurdue me thesis format