Rabbit proof fence belonging essay

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The film stirred debate over the historical accuracy of the claims of the Stolen Generation . [4] [5] [6] Conservative commentator and radio broadcaster Andrew Bolt criticised Neville's portrayal in the film, arguing that he was inaccurately represented as paternalistic and racist , and the film's generally rosy portrayal of the girls' situation prior to their removal from their parents. [7] [8] Bolt questioned the artistic portrayal in the film of the girls as prisoners in prison garb. He claimed they would have been dressed in European clothes, as shown in contemporary photos, and says they were tracked by concerned adults fearful for their welfare. [8] He claimed that when Molly Craig saw the film, which portrayed her journey, she stated that it was "not my story". However, she clarified that statement by saying her story continued into her adult life and was not nicely resolved, as the film's ending made it appear. [9]

Rabbit proof fence belonging essay

rabbit proof fence belonging essay


rabbit proof fence belonging essayrabbit proof fence belonging essayrabbit proof fence belonging essayrabbit proof fence belonging essay