Sample essay for dietetic internship

Heavy metals can be very toxic to the CNS and thus, in some cases, may play a significant role in MS onset and progression. One of the most obvious sources of heavy metal toxicity is mercury in dental fillings. Currently there is considerable debate on this point and it is difficult to separate the data from the hype. Current scientific data do not support the concept of mercury amalgams being a major cause of MS. Such data include (1) PwMS do not have abnormal amounts of mercury in the CNS. (2) Many persons with MS have no fillings. (3) Professions which are exposed to abnormal amounts of mercury do not have abnormal rates of MS. Furthermore, replacement of mercury amalgams is very expensive and may itself cause problems. However there is enough theoretical and anecdotal data available to indicate that mercury fillings may possibly contribute to MS progression. If diet revision does not result in an effective halt of MS progression then it may well be worth the trouble and expense to have the fillings replaced.

Homo sapiens actually ARE primates. However, we are part of the Great Ape classification of primates, all of which consume meat to meet their nutritional requirements at least occasionally. In addition, eating meat, especially cooking meat is an element of what helped us evolve into larger-brained mammals, not just because of amino acids, which can be found in other foods, but because of the reduction of energy expense devoted to the gut and redirected to the brain, as cooked food is much easier to digest. So while there are a couple inaccuracies in your argument, I agree with your main point. Our bodies are engineered to process meat.

Sample essay for dietetic internship

sample essay for dietetic internship


sample essay for dietetic internshipsample essay for dietetic internshipsample essay for dietetic internshipsample essay for dietetic internship