Special education teacher essay

The career outlook for special education teachers is actually slower than the average predicted for all jobs in the nation, expected to grow only 6% before the year 2022 according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With these challenges in mind, you should take your on-campus resources seriously before graduation: be sure to schedule appointments with career counselors to learn about local job boards, review your resume, practice interview questions, and polish your social media presence. Your state’s Department of Education site can be an excellent place to start searching for a job, along with career listings provided by special education professional societies, some of which are listed below.

Our IASE founder, Dr. Marg Csapo, welcomes submissions to her on-line journal, The International Journal of Special Education .  The intent is to make the journal available internationally and free of charge to everyone who is interested in special education or is a student of special education.  For more information go to our new website at: http:///.   Special thanks to Dr. Vicki McGinley for her five year service as publisher of this on-line journal. Her hard work and that of her student's are truly appreciated.

Special education teacher essay

special education teacher essay


special education teacher essayspecial education teacher essayspecial education teacher essayspecial education teacher essay