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I may have helped to undermine this institutional reflex, but computers will do far more. Already it is possible to individualize education extensively by using software that engages a range of intelligences. In the future, that range will surely be extended; moreover, “intelligent systems” will adapt teaching to the strengths and interests of each student. In 50 years, our successors will laugh at the notion that there is but a single way to teach and assess. Instead, they will seek the best way to teach this concept or subject to this student and the best way for this student to demonstrate understanding. If MI theory turns out to have kept apace scientifically, it will be able to explain in biological, psychological, and cultural terms why this educational approach has worked.

A snapshot of Woody at AFRS is followed by a recent headshot and the cover of Woody's e-book published in August 2013.  The book, available in Kindle version through Amazon, recounts Woody's eventful tour at AFRS.  It's a narrative he originally wrote, he tells us, for his children, grandchildren, and future descendants.  It was published at the urging of his sons, who recognized that the material would be of interest to a wider audience.  The 35-page memoir is inexpensive, and is highly recommended by the MACOI Website for purposes of entertainment and education.

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Thesis writing chula

thesis writing chula


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